An MBA program has three key jobs or components. These jobs include:

(1) Provide students meaningful interpersonal experience

(2) Vet students through the admission process

(3) Provide educational program that de-risks future performance

Today, MBA programs provide these services as an integrated solution, but the forced adoption of online coursework suggests that at least the educational component can be effectively modularized. Perhaps the other components could be modularized as well.

For example, could the interpersonal experience be run by a hospitality company, the educational component by a top-5 school, and the vetting process by a firm that leverages technology to reduce bias? Maybe these three jobs could be outsourced and re-aggregated by a school leveraging Harvard Online, Marriot Experiences, and a Consulting Firm’s Hiring/ Admissions process. While challenges remain, it’s likely such an experience would be preferable for many students.

One way companies finance themselves is by paying employees bi-weekly.

In business, some costs require upfront payments, while others can be deferred. In business-to-business transactions the timing is usually negotiable. However, employee wages are almost ALWAYS deferred.

Does that make sense? Why can’t the timing between when sales are made…

Traditional industries are being disrupted by digital-first companies. That’s not new. However, driven by trends in at-home fitness and food delivery on the back of the 2020 stay-at home orders, the evolution of the wellness industry might be particularly pronounced.

The Amazon playbook may provide a guide for traditional players…

Predictability is one thing, scalability is another. The difficulty for Substack-like platforms is building in mechanisms for virality.

In Going Critical, Kevin Simler explains an important concept called “criticality,” the point where viral networks become sustainable.

“It turns out that there’s a precise tipping point that separates subcritical networks (those…


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